Below are 2 different angle shots showing the Kellison Stallion. The manufacturing company was called "Silver Classic Coach Craft". The international distribution firm was called "Red Stallion LTD".

Red Stallion LTD was in charge of setting up Rolls Royce Agencies to sell the Stallions in the US and overseas.
The Kellison Stallion was a limited edition luxury sports car, designed and built from 1976 to 1980. 117 of the beautiful cars were built and sold to car collectors all over the world. The cars were powered by 429 Cobra Jet Ford engines. At 165 mph, they were America's fastest sports cars.
                                     Stallion #1

                             Jim Kellison's Personal Car

The design of the bullet proof chassis was started in the spring of 1976. Kellison had always liked the body style of Carrol Shelby's Chin Model Cobras, however he thought the chassis was too flexible as the doors popped open on hard cornering. So, Jim designed a 5" longer chassis. His chassis had 6,000 lbs. per degree inch twist frame stiffness, plus, built-in side crash and rollover protection.

By making the chassis wider and five inches longer, he was able to make the doors 5 inches longer so you could get in and out of the car with the top on. Plus, he was able to move the engine, in relationship to the wheel base, 5 inches further aft, which gave the car much better handling characteristics than the original Cobra. The rear fenders are 4" wider, so the car would accept 12" tires in the rear, and the front fender flares are 2" wider to accept 10" tires.
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