Stallion: Jim Kellison shut down his company in 1970, but soon missed the car business. In 1976, he introduced his own version of the Cobra replica, built by his new company, Eagle American Racing (later Red Stallion Ltd.). The Stallion was longer and wider than an original Cobra, and had a very sturdy frame to take the power and weight of a big 429ci Ford engine. The front suspension was based on Ford parts, as was the 9-inch Ford live axle in back. There were three brake options, with one being racing discs all around. The body was subtly massaged, with a "droop" nose, egg-crate grille, and doorbars for more protection. They were sold in kit and turnkey form, with new or rebuilt parts. Eagle built a reported 117 before Kellison sold out to his partner in 1980. Amazingly, Eagle also sold Stallion bodies to fit on uncut VW floorpans. Stallions (with V-8 engines) continued to be built in Texas and California by other companies. West Coast Cobra still sells a kit very similar to the old Stallion.

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